use arrow keys or wasd (or swipe on mobile) to move.

A small game for the Crows bitsy jam.

Made with Bitsy. I also used Bitsy Room ConverterBorksyCustom Bitsy Fonts!

Thanks to everyone who made those tools. <3

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(51 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withbitsy
Tags1-bit, Bitsy, Pixel Art


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What an experience!

Thank you for the game!

Excellent visual design.

It was excited. And the game with it quite abstract story encouraged me to think about my own mistake

The game was fun and I wanted to read the dialogue! Really well done!

I love it, beautiful experience.

i really like the story of this game :D

(1 edit)

Very powerful and moving short experience. Written very vulnerably and raw. 



Quote the Raven, Nevermore


Great use of Bitsy! Sad but poetic story

I enjoyed it. I'm still trying to decipher it.

hecking cool

Stunning, poetic, evocative, musical, wistful, mysterious, and sweet. <3

Excelente!!! una joya!!


thank you!!

Visually and artistically stunning. You were able to do so much within bitsy. 

Thank you! I like your poem games a lot too!


Thanks for checking it out!


dreamy + visually arresting experience!

Thanks for playing!

this was absolutely breathtaking!

Thank you!!

The art is stunning and I love the ending and the narrative. It's a great game you should all try!

Thanks so much!

woah, stunning art and lovely transitions, especially once everything turns red. great storytelling here!!

Thank you!

:O wow! dang, i love it every time i'm blown away by what someone builds in bitsy. clever writing and compelling art. 

also, sweet font! :3c


Thank you for making the resource! If I ever make a typeface for bitsy I will be sure to contribute!

Wow, great contribution to the jam and lots of efforts here! Great visual style and a poetic story 👍

Thank you!